Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012: (Theresa Vitale Funeral)
Jesus said: “My people, My daughter, Theresa, was a good and faithful servant who was attentive to Me at daily Mass and in her daily prayers. You all heard in the eulogies how she cared for all her family in their needs. She loved her family so much, and she was thankful for all those who helped her in her last years, especially Yolanda. She appreciated all of your prayers and offers to help her. She will be praying now for her family and her friends. She is being greeted by her family in heaven. She also wants to thank everyone who came to her wake and her funeral. She sends her love to everyone.”

Jesus said: “My people, you can see events moving slowly toward another war in the Middle East, a possible banking problem in Europe, and also a growing National Debt problem in America. The one world people have their takeover plans in place, and events are moving toward their goal. As you can see this large clock moving, the one world people are concerned that the time for taking over is growing short. They know that I am allowing them only a brief reign before they will lose everything. This is why they are shifting their plans into a faster mode, which means they have to speed up the events that will bring about a martial law takeover. The decision on the Health Care issue by your Supreme Court may dictate the coming plans. If the court strikes down any provisions of the current plan, then you will see your President bypass any decisions because they need to control people with chips in the body. Their plan to chip everybody is coming soon either legally or illegally. Their plan to crash the dollar will also be speeded up. These people are on target with their takeover plans, but you may see things moving faster as they now have more of an urgent feeling to get their plan carried out. I will be available to help My people avoid chips in the body and avoid any flu shots. Trust in Me to first bring My Warning, and then I will bring My victory over these evil ones. Be ready to leave for My refuges when I tell you that it is time to go.”