Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I told you recently that the strongest attack of the devil was against My Eucharist because he knows the power of My grace in My Real Presence to strengthen My faithful against him. The next most important target of attacks is against My priests and clergy. It is the priest who consecrates My Hosts at the Mass. He is the only one with consecrated hands that is allowed to offer the Mass, which is the greatest of all prayers. This is why you are seeing problems in the seminaries, and scandals among the priesthood. These attacks even are keeping vocations down as there are not enough people praying for vocations and protection for your priests. Now in the summer time when the priests are taking their vacations, you are seeing problems even to find a daily Mass. You see the importance of a priest more when you are not able to have a Mass or even a pastor. Truly you need to have the harvest Master send more priests into the vineyard for the harvest of souls. You also need to pray for and encourage new vocations. My faithful also need to evangelize souls all around you. Be grateful for your priests and encourage them with your support of the parish in work and your donations.”
Jesus said: “My people, Iran and Israel have been making threats on each other by their words and military exercises. This is becoming a strong potential for war that could involve America in another war. Even some groups are proposing a War Powers Act by Congress to limit America’s involvement in wars initiated by your president. Congress has the right to declare war by your Constitution, but your president has been starting wars by his own discretion without provocation. America has lost trillions of dollars and thousands of soldiers in the Iraq war that you should never have started. It is time that the people had a say in these serious commitments. Do not let the one world people lead you into war after war. Pray for peace, and voice your opinion against this unprovoked war that has no apparent end, and should be brought to an end after so many years.”