Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s first reading Jacob was called ‘Israel’ after he wrestled with an angel in the form of a man. This is the name that the Jewish nation has claimed until today, giving a historical claim to the Promised Land of their forefathers. This carrying of the Ark of the Covenant of the Ten Commandments came later in history, but it was how the Israelites treasured God’s Presence among them. Even in My Church you treasure My Real Presence in My consecrated Hosts. At times you make outdoor processions as well when you carry My monstrance among the people. This Divine Presence of My Body and Blood is at every Mass and you need to give praise and worship to your Lord, who loves you so much. Be thankful that I left Myself with you in My Blessed Sacrament for all of you to adore and take Me into your heart at Communion time. You also wrestle with every day’s trials, but with Me at your side, there is nothing to fear.”
Jesus said: “My people, some people think that it is very hard to become a saint, but there are many unknown saints in heaven that have struggled to get there through My graces. Without My sacraments and My grace, it is truly almost impossible, but with My help and the grace from My sacraments, you can receive a crown of sainthood. By focusing on pleasing Me in following My ways, you can be able to achieve the mission that I have planned for your life. If you allow your will and your earthly desires to get in the way of My plan, then it will be very difficult for Me to use you in My plan of salvation for your life. By consecrating everything over to Me in all of your actions, then you will be free to follow My Word and plan for your life. You need to have your heart open to do My Will, and you will be on the right road to sainthood. Only saints can enter heaven, so you may need some time in purgatory to purge any lingering earthly desires, so nothing will block your desire to worship and praise Me constantly in heaven. You will rejoice on the day that I welcome you into heaven as one of My saints.”