Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011: (St. Anthony Zaccaria)
Jesus said: “My people, in this account of Jacob wrestling with a man from God, Jacob had his hip socket wrenched. He was also given a new name, Israel. This name is the name of this Jewish state even till today. The twelve sons of Jacob divided the land with each area named after one of the sons. These accounts in Genesis were the early beginnings of Jewish history. This is the chosen people to whom I would come through the line of King David. Many of the prophesies in the Old Testament were fulfilled in My few years on the earth as a man. God took the form of a man in this account with Jacob, and later I took the form of a man also so I could die for mankind’s sins. There are many parallels in Scripture with the Old and New Testaments. Even in the coming tribulation, you will see a modern day Exodus to your refuges, much like God helped His people in the early Exodus.”

Jesus said: “My people, America has become a throw away society for many of your necessities. This vision of the short life time of a battery is one example of how many expended batteries are winding up in your garbage cans and landfills. Rechargeable batteries have a lot longer use and they should be a better use of your materials. Water bottles instead of filtered water is another example of your waste of things. Minimizing this urge for so many disposables in favor of recycling is a much better way to preserve your environment and My creation. My people need to consider how you are going to pass on your land to your children. You have left many scars on the land with your mining for things, and your many landfills will have future homes on them. Even as you work to minimize your disposals and waste streams, you also need to think of how you can clean up your spiritual lives as well. Your souls are not disposable because they live on forever. All of your actions have consequences, and you will have an accounting for them at your judgment. You do have a way of recharging your soul’s lost graces by coming to Me in Confession to have your sins cleansed and My graces put back into your soul by this sacrament. By frequent Confession you can keep your soul pure so you are always ready to meet Me at your judgment. Keep working to keep your environment clean as well as your soul.”