Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading all of the Israelites stayed at the front of their tents while the pillar of cloud stood in front of the meeting tent where Moses spoke to God. Just as the priest first received Communion, then everyone else received Communion, and for awhile, I am with each of you as My Real Presence. Until the Host is consumed, you are as little tabernacles. This is why the angels were around each of you praising God’s presence. You are blessed every day that you have Me present at Communion time. Treasure those minutes of grace as I share My love with you. If you are truly listening to My Spirit, I will share what I want each of you to do. Just as I explained the meaning of the parable to My apostles, so I also explain life’s meaning to you in how you can serve Me. It is with the eyes of faith that you become open and understand My plan for your life. It does start with obeying My Ten Commandments, but there is a deeper love for Me that your soul yearns for. I give you My peace in the grace of My sacraments so that your soul is completely satisfied in My Presence. Come to receive Me as often as you can because I am the Oasis of all graces.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen previous comets break up and hit Jupiter before. Now you have another object that struck Jupiter again, but there was no sighting of a comet before impact. The comet seen in the vision is another sign of what is coming on the day of the Warning. There will be a frightful event in the sky on that day when everyone will experience their life review at the same time. Many have predicted certain dates of the Warning, but they all have been proven false. It is enough for you to know that no one will know the exact date of the Warning. This event will be an extension of My mercy on all souls to prepare them for the coming tribulation. After seeing your judgment, everyone will have a desire for Confession and to change their lives. You will be warned not to take computer chips in your body, remove your TVs so the Antichrist will not control you, and to prepare to leave for your refuges. When you see mandatory chips in the body, martial law from viruses, bankruptcy, or terrorist acts, a division in My Church, or a created world famine, call on Me to have My angels lead you to the nearest refuge. Trust in My protection during the evil of the coming tribulation.”