Tuesday, July 21, 2009: (St. Lawrence of Brindisi)

Jesus said: “My people, you have read in the first reading of how Moses led his people through the Red Sea away from the Egyptian Army. God the Father split the sea in two so the people could travel through on dry land. The Egyptians were so intent on killing the Israelites that they followed them, but Moses let God bring the waters together to drown the whole Egyptian Army. This crossing is like the bridge in the vision, and it represents how I bring you out of your sin into the freedom from the bonds of your sins, and eventually into the Promised Land of heaven. Your whole life is represented also in this crossing from your earthly life into the spiritual world of the next life. It is this life after death that should be more meaningful than any desires of being in this life. In this life you have a fallen nature and are weak to sin. In the next life, if you are worthy of heaven, you will have no more temptations of the devil and no restrictions of the body’s needs. In order to cross over to heaven, you must carry your cross to Calvary as I did, and suffer the trials of this life. Give your will over to Me in your daily consecration and focus your life on loving Me and your neighbor. By following My Commandments and seeking My forgiveness of your sins, you will be made worthy in your preparation for heaven. By detaching yourself from your earthly desires and carrying out your good deeds for people, you will be able to cleanse your soul in readiness for your crossing into heaven. Walk this bridge of life in My footprints and you will have no worries.”
Jesus said: “My people, your Congress has been very aggressive in passing expensive legislation without having enough time to read the details in the bills. As a result the yearly budget deficit and the National Debt are getting worse with each bill passed. The people in your polls are finally going against your president in his haste to spend more than is affordable on any Health bill. Taxing one segment that provides the jobs is going to be counter productive, and the current bill will not cover millions of people that were promised to help. Your economy is not out of its recession and overspending with less taxes available, again is over straining your budgets. Your focus should be on more job creation than on spending more for benefits that have little funding. Your budget people should be looking to cut excessive spending instead of increasing it. Without some common sense decisions, your government could be taking you into bankruptcy. Pray that this will not happen, but the one world people have their takeover plan in place.”