Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: (St. Bonaventure)
Jesus said: “My people, the demons are always taunting you to get rid of My churches, because they hate My Presence in the tabernacle. These demons are also trying to attack My priests and spread errors in various heresies. Pray for My priests and to keep your churches open. I have My angels protecting My Hosts in My tabernacles, and I raise up great saints to fight heresies and instruct the people, like St. Bonaventure. In the Gospel you see Me foretelling the destruction of some of the cities of Israel that prospered in My day. I have sent My prophets to warn the people of the similar destruction of America’s cities of today, because of your people’s many abortions and sexual sins. I send punishments among the sinners of great cities. It may not happen on the day of a prophecy, but if the people do not repent with this warning, these cities will eventually fall, even as My prophecies came true. Keep praying for the people of America, and for your clergy and churches to remain faithful to Me.”

Jesus said: “My son, every time you travel to give talks, whether by plane or car, you have to bear a lot of driving or waiting in airports. Many people would find it difficult to do all of the traveling that you do, let alone give talks and pray over people. You have willingly accepted your mission without complaint, and you have been faithful in your prayers, Masses, and daily Adoration for over twenty years. I thank you for carrying out your mission, but you will be suffering more persecution in the future by those in My Church, and by your government people. You are proclaiming My messages that are difficult for some to hear and understand. The evil ones want to keep you from sharing My words, which is why you will suffer much for My Name’s sake. Continue your work with My help and protection.”