Tuesday, July 15, 2008: (St. Bonaventure)

Jesus said: “My people, you are becoming more aware of the scarcity of food for the world by the price that you are paying for your food items. Many of you in America can afford to pay more for food, but those in the rest of the world cannot afford these prices, and are even fighting to obtain food. As you see droughts, disasters, and insects attacking food supplies, it is getting even more difficult to feed all the people of the world. Do not depend on China for your cheap food because in the coming world famine, they will not be able to deliver food at all. Keep your own farmers going by subsidies or higher prices, or you will have nothing to eat. I have asked My faithful to store some food exactly for this time because it will not be in the stores, or you will need chips in smart cards or in the body in order to buy it. Whatever you have, I will multiply it so you can share it with those who come to your door. I will also multiply your stored water, if your sources dry up. Trust in My preparations and I will see to your needs.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a high number of bank foreclosures on houses where the mortgage was not being paid. As the value of homes drop on the market because they are not selling, some people with mortgages higher than the house value are leaving their houses. The banks also have difficulty recovering any money from the house because it is tied up by investor derivatives. They also have auctioned off houses taking steep losses. Those banks, that accepted riskier borrowers, are now in danger of folding from all of their write downs. Two banks have been taken over already, and more are yet to fall. This ripple effect in the financial markets is dragging down your stock market, your economy, and the value of your dollar. Add in natural disasters, expensive wars, national debts, and inflation, and you have a country on the brink of bankruptcy. Pray for your country to work its way out of your mortgage crisis and recession, or you could see the one world people take away all of your properties in a national default.”