Tuesday, July 14, 2009: (Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha)

Jesus said: “My people, seeing these flames of hell is another sign that you are going to be under attack of the evil ones that will be making it harder and harder to get your messages out to the public. It does not mean that you should not struggle to share them, but putting them in print will be a test of your faith. Pray and discern how you are to continue on your mission. As more and more of My voices are silenced for one reason or another, you will see these events as signs that you are getting closer to the time when you will need to leave for My refuges. Let Me guide you in all of your work, and be willing to accept whatever trials that you will be faced with.”
Jesus said: “My people, this idea of a health plan that will cost another trillion dollars, is another step toward bankruptcy and more control over the people. It is impossible to afford a plan to pay for everyone’s health care without a true way of paying for it. Health costs are increasing and Medicare is already almost broke. A new health plan will give your government a chance to enforce a national smart card, or a mandatory chip in the body. These people in office are more concerned about expanding the power of government than being concerned about helping people or finding ways to pay for such an expensive plan. If there are mandatory chips, refuse them and be ready to go to My refuges. When bankruptcy arrives, martial law will need order, and you will have another reason to leave for My refuges. All of these ways of grasping for power are coming soon and it is just a matter of which means the one world people will choose for their takeover. The result is the same as the Antichrist will have his brief reign. When he declares himself, know that My victory is near. Trust in My protection no matter how much the evil ones want to kill you.”