Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, just as you have seen the multiplication of the loaves and the fish, so there is a connection to the Mass where each time I provide a new miracle of multiplying My Real Presence to all who partake of My Body and Blood under the appearances of bread and wine.  Rejoice, My people, as I multiply My graces and blessings among you, as well as My physical gifts even in more abundance than you need.  You saw how they collected twelve baskets of fragments after I had multiplied the five barley loaves and two fish for the five thousand.  In the same way that I provided an abundance of food for these people, I provide an abundance of My gifts for everyone who asks Me.  In the same way that I am generous with all of My gifts for you, so I want My faithful to be generous with everyone that you meet.  Be generous with your graces and blessings with your neighbor, and also be generous with your time, your money, and your possessions.  You are only a steward of what I have given you, so be willing to share everything without being stingy with your possessions and graces.  I love you so much and you should love Me and your neighbor.  Giving of gifts is an expression of that love.”
Later, at the Assumption Church Chapel, Windsor, Ontario, Canada during Adoration I could see the white house of Bellvue and then a large gold house as well.  Jesus said: “My people, this is a word of confirmation of a chapel in the basement of this white house where Mass could be held in secret.  Not only would this be a place for wayward priests, but it would be a place for My faithful and traditional priests as well.  The tribulation time is almost upon you, and you will need to have underground Masses hidden from any evil authorities.  This will be a refuge and My Blessed Mother and I will touch the current owner to allow the use of this home for those who need it.  My angels will protect all of those who come here, and they will provide the food, water, and meat for your needs.  If there is not enough time to prepare the restoration, then My angels will also restore it to its former beauty.  Rejoice that I am providing for many refuges for My people, and I will be performing miracles beyond your understanding.  Pray and trust in Me, and I will bring you from your refuges into My Era of Peace.”