Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016: (St. John Neumann)
Jesus said: “My people, these visions of how a lot of chickens disappeared, represents some of the problems that the farmers have had with bird flu among the chickens. They had to dispose of a lot of chickens as a result. Some of these stories do not make a lot of headlines, but you see the effect on your prices of chicken when the supply lessens. In other cases you are seeing some foods pulled off of the shelf because of bacteria outbreaks of a toxic nature. These are just a few cases that can threaten your food supplies. I have mentioned before, how you need to have some reserve supplies of food in your pantries, because a world famine will be coming as a sign of the end times. Your weather fluctuations and your water shortages are threatening your crops. This will be one more reason that you will need to come to My refuges, where I will be multiplying your food as I did in today’s Gospel.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you in the past that it is not necessary to know the exact date of the tribulation, because only My Father in heaven knows these times, and it will happen when he allows it. I have also told you the same for the date of the Warning. To understand when these events will happen, you need to have the eyes of faith, and put your total trust in My Word to you. If you are observing the current events, you would see how the evil in the world keeps getting worse. You have seen millions of babies being killed in America every year, which is supported by your Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade. Recently, you have seen the Supreme Court again has approved gay marriage as legal, which I abhor as an abomination. You are also seeing euthanasia being approved in some of your states. You also are seeing medical marijuana approved, and some even have approved recreational marijuana as legal. These are just some of the signs of evil getting worse. You will be seeing chips in the body being approved after your credit cards now have to have chips in them. There are plans being made for martial law, and for America to be a part of the North American Union. Some people may think nothing is happening, but those with the eyes of faith can tell you that the time of the Antichrist is near because he is already present on the earth. My Warning will come first, but I will not allow the Antichrist’s reign to come until My Father gives the Word. I will call My faithful to My refuges when your lives are in danger. Be grateful that My refuge builders have prepared safe havens for My faithful to be protected.”