Tuesday, January 5, 2010: (St. John Neumann)

Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish for the 5,000 people was more than just out of necessity. This was also a test of the belief of My apostles in My power as the Son of God. I am the same God who created all the earth and the universe. Multiplying the food was a simple act of My Will in asking My Father’s blessing. The multiplication of bread is also a symbol of My consecration of bread as Holy Communion because I am the ‘Bread of Life’. Whoever eats My Body and drinks My Blood will have eternal life in heaven. I am love and My death on the cross for your sins is the greatest act of love that I could show you. I gave up My life for you and I suffered an ignominious death in My crucifixion. This love of Mine is given to you freely and I ask you to love Me also of your own free will. Call on Me at any time in prayer because I am always at your side willing to answer your prayer, and accept you in the forgiveness of your sins.”

Jesus said: “My people, these footprints in the snow are a reminder how your storms have been snowy and cold. I have mentioned about following Me in My footprints several times, and I invite you to imitate My example of love for God and your neighbor. Keeping the faith takes work and stamina to avoid sin and keep your spiritual life alive with a pure soul. It is your spiritual survival that is even more important than your physical survival. You work to keep your body alive with food and water. You also should keep your soul alive in My grace by feeding on Holy Communion and frequent Confession. Just as you follow Me, you can also help others by your good example so they can follow in your footprints. You are My prayer warriors who can help convert souls and be a beacon of hope for your families and friends. Keep your light of faith burning as you disperse evil and spread good will where you go in My Name.”