Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, there is no other reason to force microchips on you other than to control you. The one world people brainwash you with all kinds of excuses as inventory and medical identification which you could have without chips, as in bar codes. The people are being restrained, as in the vision, by microchips in your passports, licenses, and RFID chips in everything you buy, and they are making you their captive audience without your approval. These mandatory restraints in the name of security, will be the same reason when in the next step they make chips in the body mandatory. Refuse to take any chips in your body because they could then control your minds and your free will. Chips in the body will truly make you captive robots, so you would rather die than take them. This step of mandatory chips in the body is the sign to quickly flee to My refuges so you are not at home when they come to try and force these chips on you. Now is the time to not use any such chips in passports or licenses, so they cannot track your whereabouts. If they force these on you, then wrap them in aluminum foil so they cannot be read. When you need to go to the refuge, call on Me and I will have your guardian angels lead you to the nearest refuge of My Blessed Mother’s apparition, holy ground places, or caves of protection. Pray for your protection in these evil times because you will need My angels to fight your battles.”

Jesus said: “My people, flooding and tornadoes are already starting up in various parts of your country, even as these things occur usually in the spring. Snow and rain are alternating with each cold wave and heat wave. It is the changing weather patterns that are causing the heavy winds and occasional tornadoes. Some drought areas are getting replenished with a few rain storms. Pray for protection for your houses from any sporadic wind storms and snow storms. With blessed medals, scapulars, and blessed salt, you could see My protection in keeping your homes unharmed. Some homes in the California fires were protected from the flames in the same way. By trusting in My protection, you will also be protected from the evil ones in the coming tribulation.”