Tuesday, January 27, 2009: (St. Angela Merici)

Jesus said: “My people, it is hard to make the American taxpayer pay for all of the bad loans that banks and investment houses are reluctant to get off their books. While heavy commissions and inflated house prices were collected by the bankers, these people made millions of dollars. Now that their risky loans have gone sour, they do not want to give up a penny. It is time that these lenders need to face the task and take their losses. They need to shed the houses by auctions and remake affordable mortgages at market prices, or they will have unpaid mortgages forever on their books. It is not the government’s job to sell these houses, but the ones who made the bad loans and the initial money in the first place. Replacing some of the losses is one thing, but the houses that are vacant cannot be salvaged if nothing is done. If this house debacle is not settled quickly, more people will be losing their jobs, and more foreclosures will occur. This was a planned disaster in credit to precipitate a takeover, and you are seeing the devastation that has gone on in your banking and your economy. Prepare to go to your refuges when martial law results.”
Jesus said: “My people, more and more people are getting laid off of their jobs just so the companies can try to keep viable through the recession. As a result more people are going on unemployment payments that are now being funded by your government because the state funds are broke or near broke. People are also getting desperate to find food, which is why I am showing you these bread lines. Food shelves and soup supper non-profit organizations are also getting strained to find money to buy enough food to help people. Many have lost money in their investments and their houses, if they can afford mortgages and property taxes. Infrastructures that support welfare, health, and unemployed workers are beginning to break down with budget deficits in local governments due to less tax revenue. Unless your credit crisis and bankruptcies turn around, your country is headed for martial law and a takeover just as the one world people have planned for. Only at My refuges can you find food, water, and protection from the evil ones that are trying to kill you and control you with chips in the body. Trust in My help to lead you to My refuges where all of your needs will be provided for.”