Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, the Jewish people have many Mosaic practices and traditions about not working on the Sabbath. I even mentioned to them how they should pull one of their animals out of a pit on the Sabbath to save its life. Then I emphasized how the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. It is still part of My Church law to minimize any servile work on Sunday. This is to respect My day of rest. In America you used to have blue laws not to force workers to work on Sunday. Now, people work on Sundays, and they hold their sports games on Saturday night and Sunday morning. It is better to put off any work on Sunday until you can do it during the rest of the week. Even more important, My people need to make time for Me at Sunday Mass. I only ask you to attend one hour a week for Me on Sunday,according to My Third Commandment. So do not be lazy, or so selfish with your time that you miss Sunday Mass. Pray for those in your family who do not come to Mass every Sunday because their souls are in danger of being lost. Encourage all of the fallen away Catholics to return to Sunday Mass to honor My day of rest. If you truly love Me, then you should show it by coming to Sunday Mass to give Me praise and thanks for all that I do for you every day.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have no idea of how harsh the coming tribulation will be, when the evil ones will have a short reign. If you do not come to My safe havens with My angel protection, then the evil ones will drag you off to the detention death camps to kill you with gas chambers or guillotines. They know who the Christians are, and their intent is to exterminate anyone who goes against the new world order. Those, who are preparing refuges, will have only a short time to build them, before I will bring My Warning experience to everyone. After the Warning and conversion time, the evil ones will come looking for all of My faithful to kill them. I will not leave My faithful orphans, which is why I am providing My angel protection at My refuges. My refuge builders will need to have water, food, and fuel so I can multiply them for your survival. You also will need bedding for those who come to your refuges. You will have one of My angels appointed to watch over every refuge. You will have healing spring water and My luminous cross to heal all of your ailments. You also will have daily Holy Communion and perpetual Adoration. You all will be living in a community where everyone will have to contribute their skills to help each other. You all will need full trust in My help, and My protection. So have no fear of these events. Be ready to counsel any new arrivals to calm down their fears. You will not need guns because you will be protected with an invisible shield from your enemies.”