Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, the situation in Haiti seems to be getting worse for the long term. It is difficult to establish order, feed the hungry, rescue those trapped, and remove the dead bodies. This is why your military has established order, and is using the helicopters to ferry in supplies to remote areas where roads are blocked. Long term reconstruction of the damaged buildings may be a problem for a poor country where few nations are willing to put up much money in that effort. Charity from the people of other nations is flowing more than from their governments. Many may leave Haiti as you witnessed in New Orleans. The other symbol of this whirling motion in the vision is how I have related words of the coming Warning experience. Many events are pointing toward an eventual martial law situation in America. Before this comes, it will be necessary for the people to be warned and prepared spiritually for the coming tribulation. This means that My Warning experience is close as well. Trust that you all will be chastised in the Warning for your own preparation.”