Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, a church will succeed where the priests and the bishops are inspired enough to make it work. You have two major problems in a shortage of priests, and a dropping attendance from the laity. There are plenty of vocations that I send to each diocese. If you are lacking in vocations, then you need to examine those who are operating your priest formation and those who are choosing your candidates. There also needs to be a proper fertile ground of holiness with prayer and Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament to encourage vocations. If you can inspire more vocations, then that part of your problem would help keep more lay people coming to church. When you do not have a pastor, then your people will leave to go to a church that has one. General attendance at Sunday Mass has been dropping because of the evil age that you are living in and because of the many distractions that are taking people into other faiths. My people need to be encouraged in their prayer life and their sacramental life. You have Me in Holy Communion and in My forgiveness in Confession. Use My graces and sacramentals to protect yourself from your daily temptations. It is spiritual laziness that is affecting your vocations, and your attendance at Mass. Pray for the lukewarm to be re-converted and for conversions of your young people who are leaving your churches. Pray for your priests and for vocations to stop the shortage of priests.”