Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, as your people were talking of honoring the Sabbath, it is important to remember to make Me the center of your life. My Third Commandment is about honoring Me on My day of rest. After I created everything on the earth, I had a day of rest from My work. Even so on My day of rest you should honor Me on Sunday. This should be My day that you should respect without work that you could do on another day. It is a day of prayer when you could focus more on Me in your life. It is true that many are working on Sunday, and you spend much time on entertainment. But do not forget that you should honor Me and worship Me more than your sports. It is also important that all souls should honor Me in coming to Mass or some place of worship on Sunday. Especially remind your family members how important it is to worship Me on Sunday and obey My Third Commandment. Pray for those who are away from Me and who are lukewarm or too lazy spiritually to come to church. Encourage them by your advice and good example. Parents especially are responsible for the spiritual lives of their children. Keep watchful that your children get to church, even when they are older and have moved away from your home. When you come before Me in your judgment, you will have to face the accountability for their souls that you did everything that you could to save their souls. Your persistent prayers can save them, so keep praying for their souls and all sinners to be saved. Thank you for honoring and praising Me in all of your prayers, Masses, and your Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of crude oil spilled all over a mailbox represents a message that the one world people are sending to America. This spill in the Gulf of Mexico was done purposely to create an environmental disaster, and show how dangerous deep sea drilling is to the environment. This enabled your President to stop further drilling that was planned. This makes America more dependent on foreign oil, and it is another incentive for his cap and trade initiative to control world energy sources. The one world people are using global warming as an excuse to control world governments with their carbon credits plan which was blocked by your Congress. Your country has yet to develop a meaningful energy plan which is crucial to your economy and your standard of living. Man is destroying many wildlife and fishing areas with his pollution and the careless use of his oil drilling techniques. Pray that there will be no more oil drilling disasters that could threaten further fishing and wildlife preserves.”