Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this year you will again see some natural disasters, and the amount of snowfalls will be near record amounts in some areas.  This vision of a significant snow blizzard is the kind of weather that will be prevalent this winter.  This is another reason that I warned you to be prepared for some power outages by having extra alternate fuels, and some extra food if you cannot get to the stores or they are shut down.  These recurrent weather problems may also cause you some problems in getting to your speaking commitments.  Pray for safe travel and use your holy water and blessed salt for traveling by car or by airplane.  You are also seeing in your media that the one world people are trying to force microchips into your driver’s licenses for tracking purposes.  Providing security identification will also cause you problems in your travels, especially on airplanes and at the borders.  Many people are starting to see your privacy invaded more and more by government controls and regulations.”
Jesus said: “My people, tonight at this Confirmation there was a countless number of graces and blessings being poured out on all of the candidates for Confirmation.  All of these abacuses on the altar represent an endless number of graces that await those who ask for them.  I have talked about My abundant graces and blessings, but this vision is to accentuate that they cannot even be numbered.  Your God is a gracious and loving God who lavishes My faithful with more graces and blessings than you will ever need.  Rejoice with Jocelyn tonight as the Holy Spirit is marking her with oil as a ‘Soldier for Christ.’  Once you are confirmed, you will be given the gifts of the Holy Spirit so you will be emboldened, as the apostles, to spread My Word to all of the nations.  All, who are baptized and confirmed, are also called to evangelize souls, even as I called My apostles to be fishers of men.  The love of the Blessed Trinity is also being poured out on all the hearts and souls here, both in Confirmation and Holy Communion.  This love needs to be shared with Me and your neighbor.  There are also countless opportunities throughout your lifetime when you will have a chance to help someone both physically and spiritually.  Do not pass up any opportunity for grace, and do not commit any sin of omission by not offering your help.  When you have love in your heart for everyone, you will help them even spontaneously without being asked.”