Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, you know how important it is to have your priests to pray the Mass and administer the sacraments. Some of your people may not fully understand the importance of your priests for your spiritual life. They counsel people in Confession and for marriage. They consecrate My Hosts so you can have Me in Holy Communion and at Adoration. Because they take My place on earth, the demons are constantly tormenting the priests to give up their vocation. This is why they need your constant prayers and support to protect them from the demons and to provide for their needs. A priest’s life today is under constant demand to run their parish, and they may even help other parishes as you share priests in your shortages. Pray also to inspire your faithful to continue coming to Mass and supporting your parish church. You all are like Christian soldiers defending the faith. You need to encourage your family and friends to remain faithful to your own calls, whether in the single life or your married vows. Support your pastors because you can remember how difficult it was to be without a pastor.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have witnessed at least three major earthquakes in the last week or so. One was near New Zealand, one off the coast of California, and now a severe one in Haiti. You are entering a time of increased severe earthquake activity which is a warning for California and the middle of your country. When you see considerable activity around Indonesia and New Zealand, then stress is now on the other ends of these plates. Let this disaster in Haiti be a warning for America’s places of vulnerability. Food supplies around the world are at all time lows, and any major disaster will find it hard to get many supplies there, even if the money is available. Pray for those suffering from this earthquake, and provide some donations of what you can to help them. It is difficult for poor countries to respond to such disasters that could quickly lead to chaos and looting of what food can be found.”