Tuesday, January 1, 2008: (Solemnity of Mary)

Jesus said: “My people, these open gates to the Light of heaven is a remembrance that this is one of My reasons for becoming a man. I brought salvation to mankind to save him from his sins, but I also opened the gates to heaven that had been closed since Adam’s sin. This is a blessing that now worthy souls could celebrate being with their loving God in all of My splendor. The clouds in the vision, that covered up the Light of heaven from time to time, represent the sins of man that continue to occur when man turns his back on Me in worshiping earthly gods and possessions. Being with Me in heaven should be every soul’s goal, but at times you allow the distractions of the world to take your focus off of the One you should love more. I allow you to renew the graces in your soul through Confession. Then My Light and warmth of My love can light your path to follow Me in stronger faith. Be grateful and thank Me for saving you from your sins by My death on the cross, as well as opening the gates of heaven for you to enter and share in the love of My Wedding Banquet.”
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a man being drawn into a black hole represents the power of evil on man at the time of the tribulation. I have told you that then you will see an evil that you have yet to see, and all the demons in hell will be unleashed on the earth. During this time you will need Me and My angels to protect you from the evil ones, and you will find more protection at My refuges. My refuges will be your best safe haven where My angels will do battle for you against the demons. This is all the more reason to have your souls purified, and your bodies protected with blessed sacramentals as rosaries, scapulars, Benedictine blessed crucifixes, blessed salt, holy water, and medals and prayers of exorcism. My Warning will come first to wake people up to the kind of evil that they will be facing. You will be warned not to take any chips in your body or any mark of the beast. Also do not look at the Antichrist’s eyes that could control you. Keep prepared for this evil battle, but know that My power will win out in the end as Satan will be crushed in defeat. Trust in Me and love Me, and you will have no fears and no worries.”