Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, on the sixth day I created man and later woman, as most animals have male and female species. As you look at the human body and all the intricate parts of a working body, you are amazed at My creative skills. Just look at one part as the eye, and how it functions to provide your sight. Man in all of his scientific research cannot produce a human body. You may be able to manipulate DNA genes and add artificial limbs, but you cannot even come close to making a working human body. You are wonderfully made in the womb, and this is why human life with a soul is so precious, and should not be killed. Many atheists challenge My act of creation with the big bang theory and Darwin’s evolution theory because they do not understand My power over everything. Many of these things are only theories because they have not been proven. My creation is a fact because it is self-evident to those who can see things in front of them. Be grateful for the gift of your life and all the other parts of My creation that you need for survival. Your soul is your most precious gift because it is the spiritual life that will never die. This is also why you must guard it from sin and the devil who wants to possess you in hell. I love you, and I am a jealous God as well for your soul to love Me. I do not force Myself on you because I gave you free will to love Me by your own choice. Come to Me and I will lead you to your reward in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, your society is very dependent on your transportation in cars and trucks, and also on the fuel that runs them. For the most part oil is used to make gasoline which is a limited fossil fuel. This is why places of oil have become politically important for the ability to keep your vehicles running. As fuel costs rise relative to the dollar, this can affect many parts of your economy, as transporting goods could drive up prices as well. Hybrid cars and other fuels can improve fuel mileage with less dependency on so much oil. Renewable sources of fuel combined with electric hybrids may offer you the best compromise because fuels like ethanol would be hard to replace all the gasoline that you use. Many emerging economies like China and India are also putting demand on the world’s oil supplies. By being able to make your own fuels from farm products or natural gas, you would be less dependent on politically controlled oil countries. America has many problems with its debts, but a sound energy plan is needed to support your economy. It will be your huge deficits over the years that will bring down the dollar and your country. Once this bankruptcy is forced on the people, there will be chaos and riots in the streets. Once martial law results, My faithful will need to move to My refuges of protection. Trust in My help to get you to My refuges since the one world people are about to bring their one world government into power with the Antichrist at the head.”