Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, in the vision of various shelving, there is a representation of the seven different levels of heaven. I am showing you this so you cannot only strive to get to heaven, but you can even seek the higher levels of heaven. Each level going higher requires a stronger faith commitment and more effort to save souls, as well as coming closer to Me in your daily prayer life. The more you help others out of love, the more you show your love for Me in them. Striving for the higher levels of heaven will require going out of your comfort zone, and it may risk persecution to stand up for life at all stages. In today’s Gospel I criticized the Pharisees who demanded strict adherence to the Mosaic laws of purification. I told the people to follow their teachings, but not to follow their actions because they were hypocrites in doing what they pleased. Instead of following just the letter of the law, My people should be following the spirit of the law of love. My Commandments were summed up in that they directed you to love God and your neighbor as yourself. To truly follow Me, you need to follow Me out of love from your heart. You need to move from just a knowledge of My laws from your head down into your heart, where your actions are done out of love for Me. By doing everything for Me, then you will not be a hypocrite, but a lover of doing things for My sake only. This allows you to give your will over to Me in all that you do.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the vision you could see factory windows being opened, which means a few more jobs are being found to keep your economy moving forward. Conditions around the world are changing so American factories are getting more competitive so some jobs could stay in your country. Your corporations still have to deal with an unknown tax environment, and the cost of your health benefits are still being determined. It is still a net cost of doing business that determines whether it is cheaper to export jobs overseas or not. Your unemployment rate is coming down slowly, but there is always a question of how many workers are not seeking jobs. It is the middle class that is struggling the most because they have had to take lower paying jobs and the retired people are having it hard to make income on interest at such low rates. The poor are surviving on entitlements, while the rich are getting richer. America’s debts are building faster than the taxes that can be collected, which is why the deficits are not going down. Your entitlement programs also need some drastic changes in funding and distribution, since they will soon run out of money. Pray for your people that your finances can be resolved, or America could be facing bankruptcy as Greece is.”