Tuesday, February 3, 2009: (St. Blaise)

Jesus said: “My people, I am the Great Healer. All healings come through Me and the Holy Spirit. Even those, who are blessed with the grace of being a healing instrument, know that the healing power comes through ‘My Name’. Even My apostles healed people in My Name. Today’s Gospel relates the healing of the woman’s bleeding problem and how I raised the little girl from the dead. Through this miracle and others, you know that I have power over life and death. There are many instruments through which you will see more healings in the end times. My healing will be even more apparent to those at My refuges when you look upon My luminous cross or drink from the miraculous springs, and you will be healed of all sicknesses. Rejoice in the gift of My healing power and have trust in My help and healing both physically and spiritually.”
Jesus said: “My people, America will continually be tested by an ongoing number of natural disasters. In this winter you are seeing much damage and loss of power from repetitive ice storms and heavier than normal snowfalls. As the spring weather comes, there will be a worsening level of tornadoes and hurricanes in the fall. Part of the bad weather is a punishment for your abortions and sexual sins, but the added violence is coming from the use of the HAARP machine which is making your storms more destructive. The destruction and losses from this damage will compound your financial problems from your recession. Your tornadoes were twice the normal level last year, and the violence of this vision of a tornado is emphasizing that this year will be similar. As the weather gets more violent, it may be advisable to make some more secure safe rooms in a basement for your protection. Placing scapulars and blessed medals around your house could also help, as well as your prayers to protect your lives from bad storms. You have seen in the past when you pray for My protection that you have been spared damage and power outages.”