Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel focuses on prayer in the Our Father. Your daily prayers during Lent are a link to sharing your requests and feelings with Me. Many of your everyday problems can be annoying, and they can disturb your peace. The challenge is to not let things get you so upset in your possible anger with these problems. The last part of the Our Father deals with forgiveness. I gave you one parable when a master forgave a worker his whole debt when he pleaded with him. Then later that worker demanded a fellow worker to pay back a smaller debt. Even when that fellow worker pleaded for time, this man had him put in jail. The master then asked the first worker why he did not have compassion in forgiving the smaller debt. I have forgiven many debts from you in Confession, so you should also be willing to forgive others in a similar manner. This sin of not forgiving others, if it is not satisfied, will cause people to suffer in purgatory to purify this loss of love and compassion. You have seen this situation in your own experience. So I warn people to forgive each other as I have forgiven them, or there will be a punishment for the reparation due for this sin. I love everyone, but My justice must prevail when you disobey My laws.”

Jesus said: “My people, your deficits and your National Debt are on the brink of bankruptcy. You are only able to run huge deficits as long as you can find countries and the Federal Reserve to buy your Treasury Notes. Your entitlements and possible war spending could be the last strain that could break your banks. Once you cannot pay for your many obligations, your whole government will collapse according to the plan of your central bankers. A martial law or bank holiday will cause such chaos, that food and fuels will be in short supply. Once you see another crash in the banks and the stock market, this will begin a takeover of America into the North American Union. When you see these events coming about, I will warn My faithful to come to the safety of My refuges. You can see the persecutions beginning as your freedoms will be stripped from you to conform to a police state. Protection at My refuges will save your lives and your souls from the mandatory chips in the body. Have no fear because My angels will protect you and provide for your needs. I have been warning you of such crashes coming for years, which is why I warned you to store food, and build My refuges. If you are prepared in body and soul, then you will be ready to weather the coming storm of evil in the tribulation.”