Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015: (Mass for Sam Cimino)
Jesus said: “My people, you are all suffering from the cold and the snowy weather, but the poor are fortunate to have a heated home or shelter. They also are dependent on food shelves or food stamps for their food to survive. So when you are thinking of giving alms, you could give donations to your local food shelves for Lent. You were a part of this work before, and you know how much the people appreciated receiving food in their need. You also were reading the Gospel about praying the ‘Our Father’ prayer. During Lent you are praying more, and it is good to focus on forgiving people, instead of holding grudges. Life is too short to avoid people over petty differences. Learn to forgive and forget, so you can move on with a life of joy, instead of a life of hate. Sam was grateful for your Mass in remembering him.”

Jesus said: “My people, you remember what I told the Pharisees when they criticized Me for eating with sinners, as tax collectors. It is the sick people who need a physician, and not the self-righteous. So when you become ill, you seek out a physician to get well. In your vision, you saw how you are more sympathetic to others who are sick, because you understand a little of their pain and discomfort. When you are well, you do not feel this pain as much as when you are sick. You may want to help people to get better, when you offer them some medicine or advice. This is true also in your spiritual life when you may commit sins of swearing or sexual sins. You feel spiritually sick in your soul, and you may see a need to come to Me in the priest at Confession to be healed. Absolution can free you of your sins and heal your spiritual sickness. You may see others who are living sinful lifestyles, or they are not coming to Sunday Mass. Do not judge others, but you can give them some gentle advice on how to live a less sinful life according to My Commandments. You can even encourage others to come to Confession to help their souls, and heal their spiritual sickness. You can come to Me, and I can heal the whole person, both in physical sickness, and in spiritual sickness.”