Tuesday, February 23, 2010: (St. Polycarp)

Jesus said: “My people, part of your Lenten devotions are prayers for various intentions, and this is why I gave all of you My ‘Our Father’ prayer. When you pray, it would be proper to pray for things according to My Will instead of what you desire. It was said in the Gospel that My Father knows your needs before you request them. Every prayer is answered, but sometimes the answer is no if it is not in the best interest for souls. I am always looking at the big picture of how I can best help you. Sometimes I allow suffering because it is humbling and good may come out of it, if it is offered up as redemptive suffering for souls. In the ‘Our Father’ it speaks of your daily bread, or your food to sustain you. You have physical bread for the body, but I also feed you Myself in the Spiritual Bread of Holy Communion. This is the Bread that I said if you eat, you will have eternal life. I give you Myself freely and you can share with Me intimately at daily Mass and at Adoration. Give praise and thanks to Me for all that I provide for your daily living, both for the body and the soul.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, you all are in the world and you are tempted every day by the demons. This cross that you saw in the vision is your protection in wearing the Benedictine Cross or the cross that contains part of My original cross. The exorcism medal is a protection from evil, and you can call on My Name, Jesus, and the evil ones will leave you. Trust in My protection even amidst these demon attacks.”

Jesus said: “My people, Juliet has been under pressure in arranging this huge conference, but she has seen how I have helped her through My Christmas Novena. Pray continuously to My Santo Nino image or statue and I will continue to protect this conference and make it a success. Your intentions of repentance and saving souls is an appropriate theme for Lent. Trust in Me and have faith in Me, and all of your prayers will be answered.”

Jesus said: “My people of America, I know many people are out of work and depending on unemployment insurance. Your lawmakers are voting on extending this safety net, but it is difficult to expect the government to increase jobs when this is not their function. Companies are still cutting back, and it is difficult for employers to hire more when your tax laws and your economy are so full of uncertainty. Your people need to repent of their sins and have faith in praying to Me for more jobs to be created. You need stable laws and stable banks before your jobs can increase. You are being tested as a country, and you need to pray more on your knees to change America back to its former ways.”

Jesus said: “My people, more U.S. troops are leaving Iraq and some are going to Afghanistan. It is always difficult to know if these wars on terror are having any long term effects. It is good that you are keeping your word in leaving Iraq. What will be left behind will still allow a haven for terrorists, but they could go to any country that they choose. Having an exit strategy is needed for both these wars because they are running up your National Debt even now. Pray for peace in these countries because constant killing has not solved any problems there.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of your small banks are in jeopardy of being closed, as many are on a watch list. Your big banks have been bailed out by your taxpayers because you were told that they were too big to fail. Yet your central bankers are willing to close smaller banks so there are only a few large banks left. This closing of small banks has left Canada with only three large banks which puts control in the hands of a few. Pray that your small banks survive because these were helping your small businesses the most.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are just in your first week of Lent and you are seeing how difficult it is to fast between meals. When you think fasting is too hard, just think of those who do not have any food, and how they are suffering through fasting without a choice. Fasting is a way to train your body to be obedient to the desires of the soul. Do not give in so easy to the hunger of the body, and especially to desserts for those giving these up for Lent. Be strong in your Lenten efforts because your soul will benefit in fighting off sinful temptations.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that when you come to My refuges, you will be living more of a monastic kind of prayer life. Even when you come to Adoration to pray in silence, I have asked you to practice some contemplative prayer when you are not reading or praying your prayers. Just be quiet as you gaze on My Host, and give Me an opportunity to talk to your heart. In order to listen to My words, you need to be silent without any distractions occupying your mind. Pray to Me to take away any demon of distractions that is trying to keep you away from Me. Satan wants to keep you busy with confusing noisy environments because he knows that it is difficult to hear My voice through your worldly chatter. Once you have experienced quiet contemplative prayer, you will desire it more often.”