Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016: (Presentation of Jesus in the Temple)
Jesus said: “My people, you are commemorating My Presentation when I was circumcised and given My Name from the angel. You read about how Simeon and Anna were blessed to see My day. All of you are starting out in life with some kind of initiation. For Catholic families you are baptized, and your name is recorded on your Baptismal certificate. There are some parents who are spiritually lazy, and they neglect to have their children baptized. Baptism is your entry into your faith with Me. Your godparents are to look after your spiritual welfare, as well as your parents. It is your upbringing by your parents that can put you on the right road for knowing and loving Me. Some people are converted later in life, but a good number of Catholics are brought up with their parents bringing them to Sunday Mass. My death on the cross has enabled sinners to be freed from original sin at their Baptism. You can repent and confess your sins at any time, because I have paid the price for your soul. Having faith in My leading your life, is a blessing because I am directing you to be with Me in heaven. When you love Me, you are also called to love everyone, even those people who persecute you. When you truly appreciate your gift of faith and My love, you want to share it with everyone. You also are called by your Baptism to evangelize souls so they can be saved from hell and the devil’s temptations. Live in My love, and you will have the greatest joy possible in this life.”

Jesus said: “My people, do not be curious about many things, because it is only important to know, love, and serve Me. Sometimes people travel a lot because their work requires it. Other people travel because they are curious about things in other countries. Wherever I have placed you, it is for a reason to carry out your mission there. I have mentioned before that you all have unique talents that were given to you to perform your mission. So place yourself in a job or position that can best utilize your talents to help people. As you looked at Bl. Mother Teresa’s life, you can see how she was inspired to help the poor, no matter what obstacles she had to overcome. Even despite her darkness at times, she kept focused on her original mission. This should be everyone’s goal to carry out the mission that God gives you. If you are unclear about your mission, then ask Me in front of My tabernacle in silence, and I will direct you. By listening for My Word in your heart, you will know what you are being asked to accomplish. At the end of your life, you can recall St. Paul’s words: ‘I have fought the good fight, and I have finished the course. Now you can take your servant home.”