Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, it is Satan and his demons that are orchestrating the drive in the one world people to cause a world takeover through your debts which will be given over to the Antichrist. If you follow the Scriptures of the Book of Revelation, you know this takeover is coming. What the people of today have a hard time reckoning with, is that this takeover is imminent. Even the one world people themselves, through their intended leaks, are telling you that they intend to crash your dollar in the next two years. I have been warning My faithful to have their backpacks ready to leave for My refuges. Even My refuge builders have been instructed to have things ready to receive a lot of people. My angels will protect you from the evil ones, and I will multiply the food and shelters needed by My faithful. Your money will soon become worthless, so I have told you to stock up on food so you can share it when it is needed. Food will be more valuable than gold or silver. Gold and silver are the currency of the rich, as even they do not trust in paper documents or paper money. These events of a world famine and world bankruptcy are very close, but when martial law comes, the rich will take over everything. Be prepared to refuse any mandatory chips in the body, and leave for My refuges before the chaos and riots in the streets will occur. I have been emphasizing these messages very intensely over this last year. Have your soul prepared by frequent Confession and daily prayer, because your soul is more important than the survival of your body. Be the wise virgins of preparedness than the foolish virgins who did not prepare.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have voted Republicans into replace the overspending Democrats, and you were hoping that they could help balance the budget deficits. What most people do not see is how there are forces behind the scenes that desire America to fall, and they will fight against any serious cuts in spending. Any major changes still have to pass your Democrat controlled Senate and the President. This is why there will be little changed as America is continuing to spend itself into bankruptcy. The Federal Reserve is also buying your Treasury Notes more because fewer people and foreigners are buying them. These purchases add to the National Debt, as the Federal Reserve has a balance sheet that is made out of thin air. The more dollars that are put into credit circulation, the less the dollar will be worth, as its value is diluted. These manipulations are just postponing the inevitable demise of America’s financial system which is based on the dollar. Be prepared, My people, for your debts cannot be sustained for very long. Once your dollar crashes and martial law is put in place, you will need to call on Me to have your guardian angel lead you to My nearest refuge. Trust in My protection and the food I will give you. People will be seeking food when their money cannot buy it because the dollar will be worthless. So get to My refuges before riots and chaos begin.”