Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, people are social beings and you need to help each other to survive in this world. This message is about being open to share with each other both in your physical and spiritual needs. How can you sit back with your wealth and possessions while your neighbor is poor and starving? You are called to help your neighbor in their needs. In the same way you cannot hide your knowledge of the faith under a bushel basket, but you must be open and share your faith with others in conversions. In a different way I want you to be open with Me as well in the way that you pray. Some only come to Me as a last resort when you cannot handle something on your own. Instead of coming to Me only out of desperation, you should ask Me to help you in everything every day. You should give Me praise, adoration, seek My forgiveness, and give thanks in addition to your prayers of petition. As the priest mentioned in his homily, you can even be open to Me by being silent so you can give Me time to speak to your heart. This contemplative prayer allows Me to have a working relationship with you, so I can direct you on your mission to follow My ways instead of your ways. So instead of keeping to yourself, and depending only on your means, you need to be open with Me and your neighbor so you can receive help from Me and those around you. Sharing yourself with Me and others will give you a joy and a rest that your soul is seeking.”

Jesus said: “My people, to some people today it is strange to you that these earlier civilizations worshiped statues and strange gods instead of worshiping the One true God. Man in his wickedness and pride worships different idols today as in fame, success, money, education, and possessions. Even your scientific accomplishments are worshiped more than My creation of the world. Now some are being taken in by New Age principles that worship crystals, the sun, the earth, and things of the earth. There is nothing new about this pagan worship that past civilizations also worshiped. There can be only One God in Me that you should worship and nothing else. I am all loving and merciful, and I provide for all of your needs in My gifts. You cannot find love in inanimate things. These things that are worshiped will not provide for you or love you. A greater Being has created all that you see before you. It is your calling from Me therefore to worship the Creator instead of the created things. Do not listen to the devil who calls you gods and gets you to look only at physical things. You are spirit and body, and the soul is in search of its Creator. You will not find rest for your soul in any place else than in Me. Come to Me all who are burdened with the things of life, and I will give you My rest so your soul will be at peace. Give up all of your worthless idols and follow the only One true God who is the only One worthy of your worship. I have saved you by dying on the cross. You can only come to heaven by repenting of your sins, and accepting Me as your Savior and Lord of your life.”