Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010: (St. Ambrose)
Jesus said: “My people, already in some places in your Northern states you are seeing two feet of snow on everything. This has caused some highway blockages and a few short power outages. Enough snow on the roof can melt and form icicles which can cause water leaks or damage to the roof with enough weight of the snow. This is why after heavy snows, some people shovel the snow off the roof as a precaution. Keeping a clean driveway or a clear roof can have an analogy in the spiritual world to keeping a clean soul by Confession. In your secular world you like to be able to drive out of your driveway, especially for emergencies. In your spiritual world it is even more important to keep your soul pure in case I call you home in death. Your soul is even more important than your body which will pass away, but your soul lives on forever. During Advent as you prepare for Christmas, you need to focus more on your prayers and frequent Confession so you can present your spiritual gifts to Me at My crib.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages on the need for fresh water because it is so necessary for survival, but only three per cent of the earth’s water does not contain salts. I have mentioned the need for fresh water sources at all of My refuges. I will see to it that all refuges have sufficient fresh water for survival and the wells will not run dry. Water will be multiplied where needed. You have seen problems with pollution and people stealing water for bottling purposes. One of the solutions for increasing fresh water supplies is the use of membrane technology where there is access to ocean water next to deserts. In the West where there are fresh water shortages, membranes could be used on ocean water off California to make more fresh water. This would come at a price people would be willing to pay for. Pray that sufficient amounts of fresh water can be provided for all peoples all over the world.”