Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you one kind of refuge that was built to hide people. In the vision you saw this all wood enclosure built into the ground. During the tribulation time, the evil ones will be looking to find you, but My angels will make you invisible to them. Just as the Jews hid from the German Secret Service, so you also will live in hiding for several years. I will provide food, water, shelter, and even daily Holy Communion so you can be nourished both physically and spiritually. This tribulation will be a test of an evil time that will seem like a purgatory on earth. So do not complain about your accommodations or your food, because this will be a test of your faith. Those, who endure this trial, will receive their reward in My Era of Peace, and later in heaven.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, this conflict between Israel and Hamas will never find peace because each side wants to destroy the other. All calls for a truce are rarely kept by either side. It is right to pray for peace and an end to war, but it will take My intervention in order to bring true peace. Continue praying for all wars to cease, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen how speculation can drive gasoline prices to double their original value. Whenever there is a war or a threat against these supplies of fuel, there is a spike in prices. Now when demand is down in a recession, prices are very low. Now is a good time to pray for all families who are enduring difficult times. Lower prices of gasoline are sparing some people what they have to pay to go to work.”
Jesus said: “My people, many banks and others have been getting bailout money from the government to survive, but those in foreclosure are getting very little help and no money. Some may be able to refinance, but others are losing their homes because of lost jobs, or a cut in pay. Pray for those in foreclosures that they may find ways to stay in their homes, or find some shelter that is affordable.”
Jesus said: “My people, I lived among the common people, and I understand poverty and a rustic lifestyle. I am seeing how many families have had to cut back their budgets in order to make ends meet. In hard times you start appreciating what little you have, which may be more than others. Those, who are better off, can afford to give donations to the poor and the hungry. Reach out to help those in need and you will receive a great treasure in heaven. Have compassion on those that you could help, and you will see how love drives you to ease someone’s need or pain.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are some people who are attracted to make quick money in gambling, lotto, and at horse tracks. These people spend much of their time and money searching for a jackpot payoff to make themselves rich. Having a lot of money can be a hindrance to getting to heaven because money can become like a god or a security blanket to some. This life’s possessions will not give you happiness, nor gain you heaven. Better to accept your station in life and strive for holiness and heaven because everything here is passing away.”
Jesus said: “My people, I told you last year that this year would be ‘a year like no other’. You are seeing this same line in your headlines. Many have lost much in the stock market and in the value of their homes. A recession has brought lost jobs to many as well. Natural disasters in fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes have caused much damage and loss of life. When you turn away from following Me in faith, you will find hard times as a punishment for your sins. This coming year will continue the hard times, and it will give the one world people an opportunity for a takeover of your country. Be watchful of your government leaders in running up large deficits that could bankrupt your country. Also be watchful of those who want to force microchips in the body on you for health or any security reasons. When you see mandatory chips in the body or martial law, you know it is time to go to My refuges for protection.”
Jesus said: “My people, I know of the coming evil of the Antichrist, and I know how important it is to provide protection for My people at the refuges. I have told you that I will never test you beyond your endurance, and you need to trust in Me for all of your needs. You know that I will be victorious in the end and that I will be providing for your protection and your needs. Rejoice as this tribulation is coming because you know that My victory is near.”