Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you remember the miracle that I performed to pay the temple tax when My apostle found a coin in the mouth of a fish. Just as the Third Commandment calls you to worship Me once a week on Sunday, so there is a Church law to help support My Church. The parish needs to support your church both financially and with your time in spreading My Gospel. When you tithe ten percent of your take home income, you can support both My Church and your charities that support the poor. This is your Christian duty to share what you have with those in poverty that need food, clothing, and shelter. When you help the poor, you are helping Me in them. Those, who support My Church and the poor, will receive heavenly treasure that cannot be stolen, and it will help you at your judgment.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is beautiful and kind to want to share Christmas gifts with your friends and relatives. I just remind you to be reasonable in what you spend so you are not paying off a long time Christmas debt. Another part of Christmas is to give Me some time as well, whether it be extra prayers, prayers at your Advent Wreath for supper, or even a Christmas Mass. These are gifts that you can share with Me in addition to your other gift giving. Remember also to share your gifts with the poor as at your local food shelf. Giving food baskets to needy families is a special gift near Christmas. When you share with Me and others, you feel your love coming forward to share of yourself with Me and others. Love for each other should be shared at all times and not just on Christmas.”