Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, the first reading from Isaiah (11:6-9) talks about the wolf laying down with the lamb, and all the animals were eating grass or hay. It will no longer be the survival of the fittest, when animals used to eat each other. This is a sign of the Era of Peace when everyone will be a vegetarian, and the Tree of Life will support people in living long lives. This is the reward for all of My faithful, and it was spoken of by My Blessed Mother at Fatima. Some people do not want to believe in such a time, but it is described in the Scriptures, so it will happen. You are preparing for Christmas, but there will be another time when I will come to bring My victory over all of the evil ones of this world. Rejoice, as you look forward to My Era of Peace, when there will be no more evil.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are aware of how sometimes people are uneasy about having to leave their homes to come to a refuge. Even within families, the husband and wife may not think alike on leaving for My refuges. When it comes time to leave, I will be giving an interior message to everyone that it is time to leave. This notice may be enough to put both spouses on the same page. Some do not want to believe My words, but those who refuse to leave, may be captured and killed. After the Warning, try to evangelize any souls that are away from Me in your family. Use this time of conversion to get your family together, so you could all come to the same refuge. My faithful will have crosses on their foreheads to get into My refuges. When you leave your homes, you will see chaos all around you, as the evil ones will soon try to force mandatory chips on everyone. Those, who take the chip will be under the evil ones’ control, and they will not be able to go to My refuges. Those, who refuse this chip in the body, will be saved at My refuges. I will have your guardian angel lead you to the nearest refuge of safety. Trust in My protection both on the way, and at My refuges, where My angels will put an invisible shield all around you.