Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, My dear St. Joseph was tested with My Blessed Mother’s pregnancy by the power of the Holy Spirit. He was in a quandary as to whether or not to divorce his wife because of the Jewish laws of the time. But he did not want to put My Blessed Mother at risk to stoning, so he intended to divorce her quietly. Once an angel warned him that this child, being Me, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, St. Joseph did take Mary to be his wife into his home. The vision shows a picture of his woodwork as a carpenter. My Blessed Mother took a step in faith to accept the consequences of having Me conceived at the word of St. Gabriel. This was the risk that she took to have a child out of wedlock, but St. Joseph protected her from any shame or the law. St. Joseph was always taken back that he was not My true father, but he brought Me up as his true son in teaching Me carpentry. Many times there are trials with children conceived out of wedlock, but not as My Blessed Mother had conceived. Pray for these couples for their sins to be forgiven, and where possible that they could be married.”
Jesus said: “My people, there is still a communist curtain around communist China, and there is still slave labor being used to manufacture their exports at a cheap price. The flood of water represents a flood of exports leaving China and a flood of imports coming into America. Many of your American corporate leaders have little sympathy for the human abuses of the poor to reduce them to slaves. All they want is cheap labor so they can lower their costs and make more money, even at the expense of lost American jobs to overseas countries. These same employers are lowering American wages, benefits, and eliminating pensions. In lowering salaries these greedy employers are lowering the average standard of living of all of their workers. These same employers desire more work from their employees for less pay. Because of this unjust exploitation of workers, these employers will have to suffer dearly for their greed for more money. China is benefitting from their surplus trade, and your technical know-how to build their war machine. America is becoming too dependent on foreign goods and foreign oil because of your greedy corporations, and this could be the beginning of your downfall. Trust in Me to lead you on the right path in your spiritual life so you can be less drawn to the things of this world. Focus on Me and have no other gods before Me.”