Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, there are many lukewarm Catholics and lukewarm in other denominations that become weak in their faith, and they gradually fall away from Sunday worship of Me. As you see the serpent and the crocodile representing the devil, he is in search of the lukewarm to drown them in the world away from their life with Me. In these cases it is only miracles of conversion, or prayer warriors in their families that can save them before death. It is very dangerous for your spiritual life to be weak in your faith. Daily prayer and Sunday Mass should be the bare minimum to keep you close to Me in grace. Those, who are lax in going to Confession, also are risking their souls to being lost in serious sin. Wake up and renew your faith often, or you may go into a spiritual coma where the devil could take you for his own. Do not rely on others to save you, but save your soul by holding on to Me in My sacraments of grace. My prayer warriors also need to be in persistent prayer for your friends and family, especially any lukewarm souls in the faith. Work every day to protect your soul, and strive to evangelize souls and reconvert those who have fallen away from their faith.”

Jesus said: “My people, this current Health Plan has also seen some difficulties in seeing the truth because everything has been worked out behind closed doors. Where there is such blinding secrecy, the Congress people must have something to hide. They know if the people could read the bad parts of the bill, that there would be a great push to reject it. This is just another move to big government with more control over your Health Insurance. It will cost more than the current cost of health care, and it will hurt older people when the Medicare cuts are implemented. Many lies are being told to your people as they are trying to force this bill through while blinding you with a snow storm of 2,000 pages of unread documents. Encourage your Congress people to reject this secret means of passing legislation which will give more control to your government, and take more money from your taxpayers and their children. See these legislators for what they are-liars, and cheaters of the people.”