Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you are preparing for Christmas, but you are also waiting in anticipation of My Warning and My Era of Peace. Christmas is a memorial of My birth many years ago. This vision of a bicycle wheel spinning rapidly is a sign of the events of your life review that you will see in your Warning experience. This illumination of conscience will be an opportunity for grace and a time to change your life closer to how I want you to live. Once you see your sins as I see them, then you will have a desire to repent and change your sinful habits. This view from Isaiah in the first reading is a preview of My Era of Peace. This is when I will conquer all evil and I will renew the earth. Rejoice as you look forward to these events that will prepare you for the tribulation, and the time of a renewed world in My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said: “My people, your seasonal flu and the Swine flu are still infecting many of your people. I have warned My faithful not to take the flu shots and to build up your immune system with Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins. If many people start dying from the flu, then you need to come to My refuges to be healed by looking on My luminous cross or drinking the miraculous spring water. Now you have a new edict from the one world people who want to use their Codex restrictions by the end of this year to make it difficult to buy herbs and vitamins. All of your alternative medications will be at risk of being blocked on the open market. Because of this new threat, it might be advisable to stock up at least a year’s supply of the herbs and supplements that you are currently using. This is very similar to having at least a year’s supply of food so you can eat even if chips are required to buy everything. The one world people want to control your drugs, food, health care, and many other parts of your life by mandating microchip control that will eventually mandate chips in the body. Avoid taking any chips in the body, and leave for your refuges if the authorities demand them in the body. Trust in My angel protection because the evil ones want to eliminate everyone who is against their new world order, especially patriots and religious. Be prepared for these events by stocking up on your needs before you may not be able to buy them.”