Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016:
Jesus said: “My son, you are seeing in the vision how I draw you to Myself in Holy Communion at Mass, and before My consecrated Host in My tabernacle that opened so you could see Me. It is My Real Presence that draws you, and in Holy Communion I feed you your daily spiritual Bread. I am the One who sustains you every day in both your soul and your body. When you seek My forgiveness of your sins, then I heal your soul, and I fill your soul with My sanctifying grace. You have been given a gift of faith in Me, and I am such a part of your life, that you obey Me, and I lead you what to do each day. By letting Me be the Master of your life, you are able to accomplish the special mission that I have given you. You should be watchful to give good example to others by being humble and prayerful. The people need to know Me and obey My Commandments out of love for Me. When you love Me, you will be willing to serve Me in all that I ask of you. My faithful need to preach My Gospel to everyone, and you should try to convert all souls to My love, for those who are open to hear My Word and act on it.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been shown a Ferris Wheel that was moving around, and this represented another sign of the Warning, and it will be coming soon. I have shown you many signs of the Warning and how such a number of signs means it is about to happen. My faithful should know that My Warning is another extension of My Divine Mercy for all souls to have one last chance to repent and have their souls saved from hell. You know My mercy is endless, and I will forgive any repentant sinner. Those souls, who receive My Warning experience, will be given a second chance to save themselves by changing their life of sin. If people do not show any effort to change their lives away from sin, then their mini-judgment will become their final judgment. I am praying for My prayer warriors to work on evangelizing their family members, especially after the Warning. Let those people, who are away from Me, be saved by changing their lives to a love of Me, and I will lead them to heaven. Give praise and glory to Me for sharing My Divine Mercy on all sinners.”

For the Divine Will prayer group that Marisa attends in Mexico City, Mexico:
Jesus said: “My people, all of your prayer groups have an angel assigned to watch over their members to keep them together, and to protect them from any evil influence. You were asking for a name of the angel of this prayer group. I do not force such a name on this prayer group, but I will send one of My archangels as St. Uriel to guard over them. You could find a picture or a statue of St. Uriel to place at their meetings.”