Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you have a great desire to keep a good outward appearance in your yards and how you wear your clothes. Yet, you still have untidy garages and basements. In your spiritual lives some may be going to church on Sunday, but they do not pray, nor do they go to Confession to repent of their sins. It is hard to cleanse your souls of sin if you do not even admit that you are a sinner, and only claim that you are a good person. You all have a weakness to sin, and those, who claim they are not sinners, are liars according to the Scriptures. Even if you commit only venial sins, you should have them forgiven in Confession at least once a month. A problem arises when someone commits sins of fornication and they do not think they are sinning. You need a proper formation of conscience in order to know right from wrong without any rationalizations. Once you have committed any sexual sins or other mortal sins, you need to get to Confession before receiving Holy Communion at the Mass. Do not become lazy by putting off Confession because you commit a sin of sacrilege if you receive Holy Communion with mortal sin on your souls. So cleansing the inner soul of sin is more important than cleansing the outward appearances. It is the state of your soul that will allow you into heaven more than just your outward appearances.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that the one world people were purposely forming trade unions for every continent. You have the European Union and soon you will have the North American Union. Each nation will lose its sovereignty and there will be common currencies which will later be replaced by microchips in the body for buying and selling. Each union will have its main representative. Once the one world people put the Antichrist into power, he will be the head of the one world government over all of the heads of the continental unions. This is the vision of the Antichrist leading all of the nations. His reign will be brief for less than three and one-half years. At the height of his power I will come in victory to have him cast into hell along with all the evil people and demons.”