Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011: (St. Eusebius of Vercelli)
Jesus said: “My people, man has always been curious about the other planets in the solar system, which is why you are sending probes to investigate them. These attempts may expand your knowledge of such things, but your focus should be more on how to save your soul and to help your neighbors in their needs. There are some places where man’s curiosity is taking him down the wrong paths. You have learned about the DNA and genetic make-up of plants and animals. It is unfortunate that you are using this knowledge to manipulate the DNA of plants and animals for your own uses that are upsetting My balance of nature. These modifications are causing many of your cancers and diseases, and they should never have been changed. It is the devil who is misleading you into thinking that you can make things better than My perfection. Stop carrying on these foolish mistakes, and leave My perfection as I created it. Man, by nature of Adam’s fall, is now imperfect, so how can you improve on My perfection? Man’s scientific pride is leading him into dangerous mistakes that could threaten your survival. When I return, I will need to recreate My creation because you have torn it apart by your pride and curiosity.”

Jesus said: “My people, the same one world people, who were behind the Great Depression of 1929, are the same kind of people that created your Great Recession of 2008. By controlling the money and the jobs, these same central bankers are causing slow growth where the average person is having a hard time just to make ends meet. They are about to cause another financial crisis that could lead to the end of the dollar as your currency. In several comments on the news there was one investor who was investing in gold, silver, and commodities of value. This is the same plan as the rich who use gold and silver as their currency, and they avoid paper denominated assets. While these metals will be good for some bartering, the best investment would be in food that keeps. Food is less expensive than silver or gold, and it would allow you to survive famine and the coming money crisis. Put your trust in Me and My instructions, and you will be protected at My refuges from the evil demons and evil people. Call on My help after the Warning and the events that will signal the time to come to My refuges.”