Tuesday, August 19, 2008: (St. John Eudes)

Jesus said: “My people, there are times when you may have a burning desire to own the newest gadgets, cars, or homes. It is this desire that distracts you for awhile, because once you obtain what you want, your mind quickly aspires to something better. Earthly things quickly become old and obsolete, and hence the desire continues for more new ones. Instead of always seeking something better, it may be better to be satisfied with what you have until something stops working or breaks. If you do not let such things control you, then you can concentrate more on loving and pleasing Me than yourself. In the Gospel I call you more to follow Me if you want eternal life. This life on earth and everything in it is passing away, and that is why focusing on prayer and loving Me is better for your eternal life with Me. Desires for riches and new things are your earthly nature. But you are a spiritual being and your Creator calls you more to the things above than the things below.”
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a storm is another sign that there is a strong possibility of a major natural disaster occurring before the election. There is also another plan by the one world people to create another deadly scene to set up another war. This created incident could trigger at least a local martial law and possibly a national martial law that could postpone your elections. Such an event could also precipitate a planned collapse on Wall Street along with planned power outages for control of the people. Be prepared to leave for your refuges if national martial law is declared. The one world people are very confident in their plans for a takeover, but the timing is dependent on all the parts of their plan working. Such a takeover is only a matter of when and not if it will take place. Be prepared for both My Warning and a world government takeover. Pray for My guidance and My protection for all of My faithful.”