Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, the rich and the powerful of this world are the one world people who desire not just riches but control over everyone in the world. This quest for money and power consumes these people, and they are led by Satan with no interest in loving Me. The material world has blinded them and they are the ones that could not get through the eye of a needle. All things are possible for Me to save everyone, but you have to accept Me as Master over your life and seek My forgiveness to be saved of your own free will. You can pray for the conversion of even these lost souls, but they have to change their ways to be saved. All of this power and wealth disappears when you leave this world, so focus more on being rich in spiritual treasure than on fleeting earthly treasure. This life is passing away, but your soul lives on forever. May you have your rest in heaven, rather than eternal suffering in hell.”
Jesus said: “My people, beware of those who try to deceive the people in promoting abortion, euthanasia, and a total government run health plan that will use a National ID card. Your President has been trying to sell his health plan, but even with his smooth, deceptive tongue, he has had difficulty with talk of end of life options, government paid insurance for everyone, and the cost of such a plan. This computerization of your records is similar to the Eugenics program in Germany where your health would be known to anyone searching the records. As with many other bills, the literal devil is in the details of the bill that the evil ones do not want you to know about. The vague language leaves too much to wrong interpretation which could be used to control people through their health needs. Pray that your legislators will vote properly to protect your rights instead of taking away your freedoms. The death culture people are trying to use this legislation to make you more a part of their new world order. Pray for My protection as the time to go to your refuges draws closer as you lose more and more of your freedoms.”