Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011: (St. Stephen of Hungary)
Jesus said: “My people, when I came on the earth as a man I told you that the Kingdom of God is upon you. Soon by the vision of this clock, you will again see events lead up to My coming again. My power extends throughout all the universe and I am always present. Accepting Me into your life should be your goal because I am the only means by which you can enter heaven. It is this conversion in faith to believing in God that I request of every soul. (John 3:5-6) ‘Amen, amen, I say to thee, unless a man be born again of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.’ My Presence is among you in many ways, especially in My sacramental Real Presence in My Eucharist. I am with you in My Blessed Sacrament to the end of time, and you welcome Me into your pure heart when you receive Me worthily in Holy Communion. It is when you commit serious sin that your soul is separated from Me. This is why you need to come to Me in Confession through the priest so I can forgive your sins and restore My grace to your soul. By keeping your soul cleansed of sin by frequent Confession and accepting Me as Master of your life, you will receive your reward with Me in the Kingdom of heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a bull against the stars represents how Wall Street has lost contact with reality. Your markets are so concentrated on greed, that they are not helping your country or its people when they only make money for the rich. Whenever these companies invest money in jobs, it is usually outside of your country. This process of exporting your jobs and wealth is why there are few good manufacturing jobs available. So when your candidates and your President say they want to have more jobs in America, it becomes empty rhetoric when your corporations are not providing jobs in America. Unless there are taxes or tariffs on incoming goods, or penalties are placed on exporting jobs, there are no incentives for businesses to change how they work. There should be more studies on how many jobs have left your country to explain why you have such high unemployment rates. Your people need to face the reality that your jobs have left and you are now a prisoner to getting most of your goods from China. Your corporations are building up a communist nation by investing more in China than in your own country. The one world people are orchestrating this exporting of your wealth so you will become bankrupt, and they will take you over for a cheap price. It is almost too late to change your government, so prepare to go to My refuges where you will be protected and cared for.”