Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you in the vision the tenderness of a mother taking care of her children. In the Gospel, I gave you a picture of Me as the Good Shepherd who would leave the ninety-nine sheep in the desert, and I would go in search of a lost sheep. Just like a mother, I also have a tender heart for each sinner. I desire to save all souls for heaven, but I do not force people to love Me. I am like the father of the Prodigal Son who was waiting for his son’s return. I reach out to every soul to help each person in both his or her physical and spiritual needs. Each soul is equal in value to Me, because all of you are My creations. I want all the people to respect each other, because you are all Temples of the Holy Spirit. Do not discriminate the homeless, the handicapped, or your enemies, because you need to love all of your neighbors. It is easy to love your family and friends, but it may be more difficult to love those people who you dislike. If you desire to seek perfection in this life, you must struggle to love all souls as I do.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have learned a little about George Mason, and how he was one of three delegates who would not sign the Constitution because it did not have a Bill of Rights for individuals. He saw that I was the One who gave everyone freedom, and that any rule of law should protect individual rights and states’ rights. This bit of history of your founding Fathers, shows America was started with a Democratic Republic which has lasted for many years since 1787. This issue of protecting individual rights is a major concern now because your government is taking away your rights one by one. Once your laws and court decisions go against My Commandments, then your country is going down a road to destruction, under the control of the one world people. You are approaching the time of the Great Tribulation that will usher in the power of the Antichrist. You will be seeing all of your rights disappear, once you are under total control by the evil ones. Your country has been great when I was the center of your lives. Now that you have turned your back on Me, your country will cease to be great. You are fortunate that I am working with refuge owners to provide safe havens for My faithful, where My angels will protect you. A time is coming quickly when I will separate the good people from the bad people. Those, who love Me and their neighbors, and repent of their sins, will have a crown in heaven. Those, who refuse to love Me, and refuse to repent of their sins, are on the road to hell. Be careful to choose your destination with Me by your own free will. Pray for all the wayward souls to change their evil ways over to My ways.”