Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, your worldly lifestyles have led some to think more of money and what it could buy, instead of caring for the children. There are some who would rather pay for an abortion than deal with bringing up more children, or the embarrassment of an affair. When money and convenience mean more to you than a human life, then you need to wake up and see that you are making money and things into idols to you before adoring Me. Your society is more focused on its sexual pleasures than following My Commandments against fornication, adultery, and homosexual acts. Even masturbation and using birth control devices are abuses of the Sixth Commandment. The doctors, who make money on abortions, will have to make atonement for all of the lives that they have killed. Prostitutes and the men who use them are also using money to buy their pleasure. Any sins, that deal with killing of lives or purposely preventing lives to form, are all serious mortal sins, and they need to be confessed before receiving Me in Holy Communion. Those, who live in mortal sin, are committing a sin of sacrilege to receive Me in My Eucharist. Pray that abortions will be stopped in your country because you are killing My little ones, and your country will pay for these abominations.”
Jesus said: “My people, in the vision the destruction of My beautiful flowers by these ugly bugs represents how man is destroying My perfect plants and disturbing My balance of nature. With your hybrid seeds that do not generate seed, you are making more good plants turn sterile. Your DNA manipulation with plants and animals actually do more harm and give less yields than heirloom seeds without hybrids. Your pesticides and steroids to make insects sterile are affecting the good insects as your diminished bee population attests to this. It is better to grow crops the old way organically, even if it may cost a little more. Your genetically altered crops are adulterating your food and they will cause more cancer and other sicknesses from eating them. As you ship these altered foods to other countries, they too will develop the same cancers and illnesses. Your immune systems are being compromised by your food and the chemtrails. Pray that your skies can be cleaned up, and build up your immune systems with Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins. The earth has been so poisoned by man that I will have to renew it in preparation for My Era of Peace.”