Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015: (St. Clare)
Jesus said: “My people, when you see a fully formed baby in the nursery, you say how cute he or she is. A new baby is so precious in most of your eyes, but then how can a mother kill her own child by an abortion? Babies require a lot of care, but it is so selfish by a mother to kill her child for convenience or to save a little money. You cannot put a price on a child, whether in money or your time. Killing babies is so cruel and a huge mortal sin as well. I will forgive repentant sinners, but allowing a law to kill infants, is truly calling down My wrath on your country. Many countries also allow such killings, and they too will pay dearly for their crimes. It is unfortunate that all of your people do not value the preciousness of life at all stages of life. Your abortion mentality was started with birth control devices, vasectomies, and tubal ligations. Now, you have pills to kill the baby, and even pills to stop fertility. All of this is focused on pleasure and convenience, instead of bringing up your children. Your society is so lazy and selfish with your time, that you do not have a place in your hearts for My little ones. If you remember in the Scriptures, I said that those people, who harm My little ones, should have a millstone put around their necks, and be thrown into the sea. Of all of your sins, abortions offend Me the most because you are denying My plan for this life, and only I should give and take lives. So continue to pray for the stoppage of abortion, and encourage these mothers to have their children.”

Jesus said: “My son, as you see these different sized planes, you are reminded of how many flights that you take on various sized planes. You are grateful that you can travel to many far away places without taking too long to get there. You can imagine if My apostles had such an opportunity, how much more they could have accomplished. You are fortunate to be able to spread My Good News of salvation to many places all over your country. As events are getting more serious, it is important that you can prepare My people for the end times. I told you that these end time events would occur in your lifetime, so the people need to prepare themselves with daily prayer and frequent Confession. By keeping your soul holy, you are better prepared for My Warning experience. You do not want to see a judgment experience in hell to wake you up. All sinners will experience My Warning, and it will be an opportunity to better your life from what you are doing right now. You will see My reaction to all of your actions, and I will help all of you to live holier lives. Life is a spiritual struggle to imitate My life, but I give you the grace to endure all of your trials.”