Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, I gave the Hebrews water and manna in the desert, as well as I protected them from the Egyptians. But when they complained about the manna, I sent them the serpents because they were ungrateful of My gifts. Then I had Moses mount a bronze serpent on a pole, and he lifted it high so those who were bitten by the snakes, could look on it and be healed. There is a parallel when I was lifted up on My cross in crucifixion. The people were saved from their sins, as My Blood washed their sins from their souls. I call My people to love Me and their neighbors by following My Commandments. The serpent, as the devil, has bitten you with a desire for earthly pleasures and comforts. I am your Redeemer and Savior by My death on the pole of My cross. When you look upon My crucifix and pray for My help, I lift up all of you, and heal you of your afflictions. It is your souls that are in most need of healing. You can seek My healing in Confession where your sins are forgiven, and grace is restored to your souls. At My refuges My people will also be healed of their ailments when they look upon My luminous cross.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the spring you could see some flooded streams from melting snow and heavy rainstorms. In California they are still feeling the effects from an unusual drought. They are irrigating some farms, but your fruit and vegetables will have higher prices this year. You need to keep up on your news to see the latest effect on your crops from California. Keep praying for the right amount of rain to keep their crops coming for your people. You are beginning to see more violent storms from your tornadoes. Weather problems have had some bad effects on your economy due to the deep cold and heavy snow. You are also continuing to see some sporadic shootings that are killing some people. Keep praying for the reparation of your sins and the sins of the world, so these disasters could be mitigated.”