Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel from St. John is when I showed Myself to Mary Magdalene in My glorified Body. She at first did not recognize Me, and she thought that I was the gardener. Then I called her name, Mary, and she called Me ‘teacher’. I told her to go and tell My apostles that I would see them later, as I was going to My Father. This was such a joy to Mary, that she was eager to share her seeing Me to My disciples. They at first did not believe her, but later they believed when they saw Me in person. It is hard to accept My Resurrection, but My disciples actually witnessed My Presence in their midst, and they believed. Blessed are all of My faithful who believe in My Resurrection, even if they have not seen Me in person.”

Jesus said: “My people, I know how many of you are hurting from your health problems, stress at work, financial problems, and deaths in the families. My Resurrection gives you all hope in My victory over sin and death. I come to turn your tears of sorrow and mourning into tears of joy in My great love for you. You have many petitions, even for your family and friends. As you come up for healing, give Me all of your hurts and petitions, and I will give them up to My heavenly Father. I give you My peace and love to settle your soul, so you will have no more worries or anxieties, but hope and joy in your hearts. Put your trust in Me to help you with all of your needs both spiritual and physical. As you come up for a blessing, the Holy Spirit will touch your hearts and give you the words to give witness to My Resurrection in all of your evangelization efforts. Your love for Me must be shared because it is too much to keep to yourself. I love all of you, and I desire that you love Me and your neighbor as yourselves.”