Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, you are in a rainy season as winter has changed over to spring. This umbrella in the vision is a sign of protection that I give My people in Confession to wash away your sins. You can come to Me at anytime in My priests in the confessional, especially during Lent. You have no excuse to not have a clean soul with My oasis of graces always waiting for you to come for My forgiveness. You are seeing this umbrella spinning as well which is another sign that the day of My Warning is not far off. In your Warning experience you will be told about the need for seeking a safe haven at one of My refuges. This means that I will send My Warning before you need to leave for My refuges, and before the Antichrist declares himself. Fear not this time because My angels will be protecting you with a shield of invisibility. Have faith to call on Me and your guardian angel when it is time to be led to My refuges.”

(Nadezda Matunow funeral) Jesus said: “My people, not everyone attended Nadezda’s funeral Mass, but you were all united with the Ukrainian Orthodox priest in this service at the grave. All of your prayers and Masses will help usher her into heaven. She had a full life in her years, and she will be missed dearly by her family and friends. Be grateful for the time that you had to share your life with her. She is resting with Me without any more pain. Give praise and glory to Me for this gift of her life.”

Jesus said: “My people, many people are concerned that this nuclear plant in Japan is out of control and that major amounts of radioactive water are being poured into the ocean. Much of the radioactivity will eventually dissipate, but there could be much damage to the marine life before that happens, meaning the fishing industry could be affected. The fact that Japan is seeking help from other countries is a sign that they are desperate for help. Cooling down the spent rods and the devastated four reactors has taken large amounts of seawater that is corroding these reactors. The radioactive pollution has reached such a high level, that it is almost suicide to work at this plant. It will be months before these rods could even be cool enough to try and remove them. The spreading radiation will begin to cause major radiation poisoning over a large area. This will affect Japan’s economy and the selling of any goods that pick up this radiation. This problem could give nuclear energy such a bad reputation that many countries will want to shut down their active plants. This will present a major energy shortage and will cause another major recession or depression. Pray that some means can be provided to be able to shut down these four reactors before any more explosions could send more radiation into the air.”