Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017: (St. Isidore)
Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading from Exodus, the Israelites were not happy with the manna they had in the desert, and they even called it ‘wretched food’. As a punishment I sent seraph serpents that killed some of the people. The people complained to Moses of their sin, and he fashioned a bronze serpent on a pole, and told the people, whoever looks on it, will be healed of their snakebite. There are two messages for My faithful who will be protected by My angels at My refuges. Do not complain about the food that you will have, because I will be sending you daily Holy Communion from a priest or My angels. You will have My very Self in this manna of the tribulation. My refuge builders will have other food as well in cans, MREs, or dehydrated food. The second gift will be that you will have either a luminous cross in the sky or healing spring water. When you look on My luminous cross or drink the spring water, you will be healed of all of your ailments, so you will not need any pills or doctors. My angels will make your refuges invisible to your enemies, and people without crosses on their foreheads cannot enter or harm you. Be thankful for how I will protect and feed My faithful at My refuges, during the tribulation of the Antichrist.”

Jesus said: “My son, I am showing you two signs of My refuges. The shield in the vision represents the invisible shield that My angels will place over My refuges so the evil ones cannot see you. This shield will also protect you from bombs, deadly gases, and deadly viruses. My refuges will not be destroyed by any natural disasters either. The wrench in the vision is not a weapon, but it is a sign to My faithful to bring the tools of their trade to My refuges, so they can help people, and they could be multiplied. It is good to bring these useful things, because there will be no stores to go out and buy things. Those people, who have trade skills, will be assigned the work they know best. Other jobs will be rotated so everyone shares in helping with the less desirable jobs. You all will contribute something to help run My refuges, as everyone will have to work. My refuge builders will be the worker who will assign the needed jobs for your survival. I will multiply the food, water, clothes, fuels, and bedding needs. You need to bring some hygiene needs that will also be multiplied. Give thanks and praise to Me for providing your protection, and your physical and spiritual needs at My refuges.”